DRC is a hands-on, concept and sustainability driven company. Our prime objective is to translate your unique renovation and design vision into a beautifully crafted masterpiece. We go the extra mile to guarantee that the highest quality of service and materials go into your project. No project is too big or too small; contact DRC today to help bring your design concept to life!

Since 1972, we have earned the utmost trust with our amazing customers and sourcing experts, both domestically and internationally.  In addition to our design consultancy and installation specialties, our skilled team of artisans can reproduce essentially anything your imagination can create with original, cut to spec materials.



DRC has an extremely vast range of stone products for your building or rennovation project. We have access to a large supply of reclaimed stone as well as one of a kind European and domestic quarries. A sampling of our inventory includes contemporary French & Italian newly quarried stone flooring, classic Dalle de Bourgogne Bluestone, reclaimed Terracotta and French hex & squares and Italian pavers and brick.


We have recently forged new business relationships with suppliers of very unique and historical reclaimed wood flooring, siding and beams. Old growth wood is known for its longevity and characteristics that no modern wood can rival. We carry many styles and species to choose from, so please visit our gallery to check out some installation photos and grain examples.


Another of our specialties are historical structure and landscape design elements. Discovered and imported from the Old World, some of these accents date back to earlier than the Renaissance. Some of our inventory includes terracotta wine vats, fountains and fireplaces, wellheads, statues and many more. DRC craftsmen can also replicate any of these using modern materials and processes to incorporate a truly custom piece of history into your build.


Anthony McGarry (founder/owner of DRC) has been in the design, architecture, and contracting world for over 35 years. Starting in Amsterdam, restoring historical canal houses, he was able to make important connections throughout Europe. He formulated Design Reclamation to cater to the needs of the fine architects, designers, and home owners he had come to know. Anthony works directly with quarries and reclaimed material yard owners allowing him to bring material directly to the client, a wide variety of architectural elements for project concepts such as; European antique and newly quarried stone, wood beams and reclaimed European wood for flooring, terracotta, fireplaces, fountains (both antique and newly sculpted/fabricated in Europe to match any spec) from regions all across Europe. He has many antique European connections, as well as a new domestic wood line well known for its green approach – providing high quality reclaimed domestic woods from around the country at extremely competitive pricing. Most everything he imports in has a story, a rich history, and can be customized to fit any design concept, no matter how big or small.

Aside from sourcing some of the most unique products on the market, DRC is also available to employ as a design consultant, installation/finishing expert and even as a host and tour guide for sourcing trips.

Working with DRC is truly a one of a kind and very memorable experience!



Design Reclamation Company shares a wealth of material and design knowledge with their clients. We have experience designing a variety of both indoor and outdoor applications for any and all types of projects.

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Throughout our time in the industry, we have learned what works and what doesn’t work and this knowledge ends up saving our clients both time and money.

We are extremely proficient in providing extraordinary results both during the installation as well as in all of the finishing and maintenance techniques.

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With our longevity in the industry, we have made many invaluable relationships with both our suppliers and customers alike. In order to fulfill some client’s dreams to the full extent, we can provided a fully curated sourcing trip which allows the customer to see a material within its previous context and story. These trips may take place domestically as well as in many international locations.

There is really no other true experience like this in the market and DRC can assist you in having a once in a lifetime sourcing trip that only the magazines can talk about!


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